How digital print adds business value through corrugated packaging and displays

Digital Pack member companies use HP’s innovative Thermal Inkjet technology and true water-based inks for consistent color print quality, high-volume performance, and cost efficiency. This reliable, proven technology drives PageWide Presses for a range of corrugated packaging and display applications – either printing directly to the corrugated board or to pre-printing to the liner. Only HP provides corrugated converters both digital post-print and digital pre-print solutions.

Save Money with Digital Print​

Reduce costs of:

  • Inventory & storage – Low MOQs = less storage.
  • Setup & changeover – No plates, no cylinders. fewer processes.​
  • Write-downs for scrap – Match supply & demand.
  • Rush fees – Enjoy quick turnaround to meet peak demand.
  • Counterfeiting & shrinkage – With track & trace watermarking.
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Move Fast with Digital Print

Speed to market for:

  • Seasonality & Product Lifecycle Management (PLC)
  • Test marketing & rapid prototyping
  • Competitive positioning
  • Events, promotions, omni-channel campaigns

Think days, not weeks!

Sell More with Digital Print​

Reduce costs of:

  • Customize content:
    • Local geographies and languages
    • Demographics
    • Government regulations
    • SKU features & preferences
    • Long tail
  • Engage customers:
    • Stopping power shelf appeal
  • On-box advertising
  • In-box advertising (e-commerce)
  • High quality graphics, imagery
  • Digital linking (AR)
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Be safe

  • HP PageWide Presses use true water-based inks, containing no UV-reactive chemistries.
  • Our digital inkjet inks contain no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and very low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • Our inks generate no perceptible odor, which is a risk of some UV inks.

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