The Digital Pack Network

What is Digital Pack?​

A worldwide cooperative association of corrugated converters dedicated to brands’ success through digitally printed packaging and displays, greater speed, efficiency, and agility for brands’ corrugated supply chain, higher print quality and performance through HP inkjet technology, water-based inks, and software and successful marketing and supply chain outcomes through digital print.

Who are Digital Pack member companies?

Digital Pack member companies invest millions of dollars to deliver unique value to brands with HP PageWide Press solutions, meet high standards for color, process management, and print quality, strengthen brands’ confidence through the association’s multi-regional assurance of supply and commit to providing brands with education and resources to make digital print easy, consistent, and scalable.

What kinds of companies are members of Digital Pack?

Assurance of Supply

Digital Pack corrugated converters offer redundancy, global scale, and local service. Our member companies are:

  • Large integrated converters with multiple corrugators and numerous box plants.
  • Independent converters that are multi-generational family-owned businesses.
Unique Capabilities

Digital Pack members each have unique printing and conversion capabilities.​

  • Some provide analog print technologies like litho, flexo, or gravure.​
  • Some specialize in pre-print, while others specialize in post-print.​
  • Some offer additional print services beyond corrugated packaging, including labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, and signage ​
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Shared Quality

Digital Pack member companies have much in common. All: ​​

  • Believe in the leading value of environmental sustainability through HP true water-based inks and single-pass Thermal Inkjet technology.
  • Are enabled with inkjet technology that prints the highest quality at high speeds​.
  • Operate HP PageWide Presses for high-volume, high-quality inkjet-printed corrugated retail packaging and point-of-sale displays.​
  • Have in-house expertise in prepress, color management, and digital workflow.​​
  • Have adopted best practices for producing consistent quality.​​
  • Strive for sustainability in their supply chain and manufacturing processes.​​
  • Agree to operate fairly and ethically, always prioritizing the value and delight of the customer.​​​​
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Member Companies