Single-pass thermal inkjet with true water-based inks from HP

Digital Pack member companies use HP’s innovative Thermal Inkjet technology and true water-based inks for consistent color print quality, high-volume performance, and cost efficiency. This reliable, proven technology drives PageWide Presses for a range of corrugated packaging and display applications – either printing directly to the corrugated board or to pre-printing to the liner. Only HP provides corrugated converters both digital post-print and digital pre-print solutions.

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Digital Post-Print

The HP PageWide C500 Press offers the power of digital post-print for maximum flexibility.

Enjoy consistent offset quality for corrugated retail graphics packaging and point-of-purchase (POP) displays using either coated and uncoated paper.

With the added advantages of food-safe true water-based inks, the HP PageWide C500 offers flexibility, accelerated speed to market, and reduced waste and inventory. This innovative inkjet solution helps brands create new competitive advantages with low minimum order quantities (MOQ).

Digital Pre-Print

The HP PageWide T1100 Series Presses offer digital pre-print for maximum efficiency. Brands benefit from converters’ operational savings and process efficiency for short-run, medium-run, and long-run graphics. The PageWide T1100 Series combines offset-class quality with corrugator-level productivity.

Prior to corrugation, this high-speed inkjet web press prints a roll of paper up to 2.8 meters wide. This printed roll becomes the top liner, is fed into the corrugator, automatically cut into sheets, stacked, and sent for die-cutting, folding, and gluing.

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HP True Water-Based Inks for Food-Safe Printing

HP PageWide Presses use true water-based inks that are food-safe for primary corrugated packaging applications.

Most non-HP inkjet presses in the corrugated market use inks containing UV-reactive chemistries such as monomers and photoinitiators. The risk is that if the ink is not fully cured in the printing process, these components can migrate through the primary corrugated fiberboard and make contact with the food product. Such continuous contact may raise consumer safety concerns by brands and regulatory agencies.

HP PageWide’s true water-based (aqueous) inks contain no reactive UV-reactive chemistries, and meet stringent regulatory standards such as Nestle Guidance and Swiss Ordinance.

HP PageWide inks enable robust and trusted food-safe printing for both primary and secondary corrugated packaging, requiring no additional barriers.*

Learn more about HP True Water-Based Inks.

HP Thermal Inkjet with Nozzle Redundancy

PageWide Presses all employ high-performance Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology that HP engineers have advanced over the past four decades. With 1200 nozzles per inch, HP printheads deliver nozzle redundancy for a high level of print quality and reliability.

Each PageWide Web Press has at least one million inkjet printhead nozzles, enabling consistent printing of sharp text and barcodes, as well as smooth tone transitions. These redundant nozzles fire in a sequence which reduces visual detection of print defects.

At very high production speeds, millions of nano-sized ink droplets are precisely placed with a high degree of accuracy to ensure the finest graphics quality with digital versatility.

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HP ColorPRO Technology for Corrugated Media

Digital Pack member companies benefit from HP’s advanced ColorPRO Technology for paper. With ColorPRO-enabled media, brands can enjoy high-quality digitally printed graphics with brighter colors, bolder blacks, and sharper lines on either uncoated and coated media for HP’s PageWide family of presses.

Papers with ColorPRO Technology meet industry-leading performance standards. ColorPRO utilizes advanced technologies that have been designed together with HP inks and HP presses to optimize printing system performance.

Enjoy the benefits of sharper lines and bolder blacks for remarkable text and solid area fills. Achieve color gamut larger than SWOP inks on standard uncoated offset papers. Print crisp text-over-color, enabling limitless full-color options. With ColorPRO, your converter can achieve high-quality performance at full press speeds.

Software to Deliver Limitless Digital Possibilities to Brands

HP One Package software enables Digital Pack member companies to prepare digital jobs for brand clients with best-in-class tools and expertise. With fast turnaround times, Digital Pack converters can seamlessly manage complex digital workflow processes to meet brands’ high expectations.

The breadth of solutions extends from pre-press workflow automation and pre-flighting to color management, imposition, production management and control.

Automation software gives brands and converters the flexibility to manage late-stage changes and execute quick campaigns.

HP One Package simplifies the complexities of short-run job management and makes adopting digital print easier and better for brands.

*Refers to HP A30 Water-Based Inks (and HP P36 Water-Based Priming Agent and HP A50 Water-Based Bonding Agent), and HP CV150 Water-Based Inks (and HP CV150 Water-Based Bonding Agent). HP Statement of Composition, 3rd party (Intertek) World-Wide Statement of Regulatory Listing and 3rd party (Swiss Quality Testing Services) General Statement of Migration and Organoleptic Assessment based on Representative Use Cases which include E-Flute packaging printed on external side. US terminology ‘packaging materials in direct contact with food’ analogous to ‘primary packaging’. Contact HP for additional information.

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