About DusoBox

Dusobox is a third-generation family business with a proud legacy of providing meaningful and differentiated value to our customers. Our roots in corrugated box manufacturing run deep, extending from our origins in Boston in 1951. Today, Dusobox is recognized as one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of custom corrugated packaging and display solutions.

With our team’s critical eye for design aesthetics, coupled with the absolute science of engineered functionality, Dusobox provides brilliant, accurate and effective corrugated packaging, displays and sign programs that maximize our clients’ ROI and market share.

Our integrated One-Resource Design and Manufacturing Team provides all levels of design and manufacturing solutions from initial conceptualization, testing and prototyping to finished, printed and assembled creative packaging and displays, all under 250,000 sq. ft. in Central Florida and effectively servicing North America and beyond.

Dusobox is committed to a client-centric partnership for sustainable growth. We provide you with expertly engineered, custom designed, custom printed corrugated displays and packaging using the most technologically advanced printing and converting equipment.

Our investment in both traditional and digital print technology provides you with unique opportunities that ensures customized, speed-to-market displays, packaging, and signs, that are produced with G7 certified color management credentials for seamless domestic and international distribution.

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