Luicella's Ice Cream

Luicella’s Ice Cream is a Hamburg, Germany-based brand selling its amazing ice cream creations in retail and through ecommerce. Using only carefully selected fresh and natural ingredients, with no additional colouring agents or preservatives, the delicacies of Luicella’s Ice Cream are becoming a daily highlight for many people.

Luicella’s Ice Cream worked with Christiansen Print and THIMM to create an innovative e-commerce corrugated package for shipping uncooled products. Using its HP PageWide T1100S Press and true water-based inks, Christiansen Print digitally prints Luicella’s Ice Cream packages with a high-quality, attractively designed image, adding to the customer’s positive experience when her Luicella’s Ice Cream arrives by mail. The package features “THIMM secureLock” to guarantee the seal and securely protect the product during transit. This sustainable packaging is a 100% corrugated single-material solution that can be easily recycled.

“THIMM understood our requirements and proposed relevant customised solutions. The quality of the end product has convinced us of its value time and time again,” says Levent Gönül, Supply Chain Manager Luicella’s Ice Cream.

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SpokojenyPes-packaging, sustainable-printing, corrugated-packaging
SpokojenyPes-packaging, sustainable-printing, corrugated-packaging