2 Towns Ciderhouse

A family-owned company, 2 Towns Ciderhouse is the Oregon’s largest producer of craft cider, producing 10,000 barrels annually. 2 Towns Ciderhouse partnered with Oregon Humane Society to donate toward the medical treatment of animals in need to prepare them for adoption. 2 Towns’ marketing team assembled a social media and canvasing campaign, but with limited time before the program launch, 2 Towns sought a quick-turn retail display solution that would complement their digital media touchpoints and resonate with in-store audiences.

With a 15-business day lead-time for ideation through delivery, The BoxMaker provided 2 Towns Ciderhouse with three digitally printed versions of a header card to top their cider displays. Each header card reinforced the campaign’s message, the details of the donation drive, and the image of a pet waiting for adoption.

Coupled with digital media, 2 Town Ciderhouse reports that over 25,000 unique views of the campaign were generated online, prompting consumers to visit the cider aisle with a purpose. The header cards acted as successful product beacons and helped the company drive sales to reach 100% of their fundraising goal.

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