Mondo del Vino

Leading Italian winemaker Mondo del Vino needed to reduce the order quantities of its corrugated wine boxes, while improving print quality and reducing its overall costs.

Working with Ghelfi Ondulati and its HP PageWide T1170 Press, Mondo del Vino ordered a test run of a single box on uncoated media. The print quality exceeded the brand manager’s expectations. They began ordering shorter runs to meet its demand requirements. Production time was faster. This new digital strategy was rolled out to other Mondo del Vino sub-brands.

“Our goal was cost-effective runs for lower-quantity products. We started with our higher-value products and saw the quality was very high, so the ideas started running in our heads: Could we regularly use the carton for marketing? Will the variable printing benefit our brands?”
– Enrico Gobino, Marketing Director, Mondo del Vino

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