Since 1946, The Bindi Group has produced high-end dessert pastries for restaurants. With annual demand for 400,000 cake boxes, this family-owned company was forced to used analogue printing, which required the entire year’s printed boxes to be delivered all at once. This caused issues with storage and variations in seasonal supply/demand predictability. Bindi needed to print shorter runs for greater flexibility to manage market demand.

Working with Ghelfi Ondulati and utilizing the HP PageWide T1100S Press, Bindi was able to order the exact number of boxes required and add versioned images to its cake boxes. Bindi was amazed with the vibrant graphics quality of its their new boxes. Today, the company can manage its overall production, reducing waste and storage. Bindi can now order boxes based upon fruit seasonality, as well as in short-runs for holidays or special occasions.

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