Great Lakes Growers

Great Lakes Growers

Great Lakes Growers is a hydroponic produce grower in Cleveland, Ohio. The company has expanded its capacity to serve a growing base of U.S. customers with fresh, clean, and nutrition-packed leafy greens and herbs. This produce is grown in a large greenhouse using water, not soil, to create better product consistency, nutritional value, and environmental resource conservation.

The company ships to grocers and food service distributors in the Midwest. In 2019, it launched a subscription service called Great Lakes Growers Express, to deliver fresh produce to the consumer’s doorstep. In setting the standard for quality, they recognized the need for quality packaging, including box design and print production.

They turned to CompanyBox, asking for a food-safe, robust, cost-efficient, easy-to-assemble shipping box printed with vibrant color graphics. CompanyBox, using its PageWide C500 Press, delivered with high-quality color graphics, low minimum order quantities, and the freedom to change box designs frequently with different versions. Further reassurance was provided by the use of HP’s true water-based inks, safe for primary and secondary food packaging.

The box itself is a new patent-pending, trademarked CompanyBox innovation called Snap2Pack. A massive time-saver, the Snap2Pack design format ensures that the corrugated shipper is digitally printed with true water-based inks, converted, and shipped flat to Great Lakes Growers. Once it arrives, it takes Great Lakes Growers’ fulfillment worker just seconds at the filling line to pop the box into its full dimension using its tamper-proof adhesive, and insert the fresh lettuce or herbs to be shipped directly to the customer.

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