Alza Café

Alza Café coffee is sold through its ecommerce website, along with famous and less famous coffee brands. Alza coffee is 100% Arabica, made from premium beans from South and Central America. This fairtrade coffee helps to ensure that farmers get a fair deal. For coffee shop retail sales, Alza Café worked with THIMM (Christiansen Print) to develop a corrugated countertop display, digitally printed with a unique retro design for this coffee edition.

The countertop display is created with recyclable corrugated board and printed with high-quality water-based HP inkjet inks. These inks are food-safe and enable easy recycling. The THIMM team met the Alza Café’s requirement for a simple, foldable design for the countertop display without the need for adhesives.

The uniqueness of the countertop display is based on a smart design solution, which makes it possible to fit two different sized Alza Café coffee packs, 1000g and 250g, using a corrugated latch. The display is designed to be easy-to-fold without the need for adhesives, with a lid that is easily detachable. This sophisticated latch design is hidden by the elegant wavy line printed on the front of the countertop display. The lid of the countertop display is shaped like a coffee bean and can be detached easily and placed back onto the countertop display.

High-quality digital pre-print technology and nicely crafted retro graphics ensure great point-of-sale performance, attracting the attention of potential customers with no risk of UV-ink odor. HP digital print advantages include effective branding with high-quality graphics and no wavy effect. Plus, there are no printing plate costs so the design can be changed frequently as desired.

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