The unpacking experience from the packaging to the product

Conjuring up a smile in children’s faces with toys? This always works. So to fill the youngest amongst us with happiness and enthusiasm before they even open the long-wished for toy, requires innovative and child-friendly product packaging designs.

This makes opening the innovative packaging solution an emotional unpacking experience for children and the anticipation of the first-class product concealed within the packaging rises to immeasurable levels. The digitally-printed product packaging for the innovative handicraft book sets from SEITENBUNT ( combines an impressive design with first-class product safety and an optimum product presentation. High-quality packaging printing using ThimmColor® digital, a safe tamper-proof lock and a functional packaging inlay provide the perfect all-round package for the child-friendly product packaging that is available in different shapes and sizes.

These packaging features make children’s eyes shine, offer the best possible protection for the handicraft book set and create an entirely exclusive product presentation.

Read more of the Top-Story about our customer SEITENBUNT here.

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feature-packaging, packaging-europe, unboxing-campaign, hp-c500-press,

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