Connecting with Consumers Through Packaging: Spotlight on Airstrike

Introducing Airstrike

Owner Jason Fetko started his career as an airbrush artist, painting t-shirts, license plates, and surfboards at a surf shop in Coco Beach, Florida. With more than 20 years of experience in the arts, Jason’s vision was to launch a small business—combining his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for hand painted artwork.

Thus, Airstrike was launched in 1996. Airstrike offers a variety of customized products, including license plate holders and phone cases that feature unique fine art prints from renowned artists throughout the world.

With the rise of the world wide web and eCommerce, Jason’s business expanded beyond the beach and onto the global stage. As a result, Airstrike customers began to be introduced to the brand online rather than through a face-to-face interaction.

Challenges of an eCommerce Brand

Standing out in the competitive online marketplace can present a significant challenge for eCommerce brands. With low barriers to entry, it’s relatively easy for anyone to create an online storefront without much investment capital. However, establishing a successful eCommerce business is another story. In fact, researchers claim that eCommerce businesses have an 80 percent failure rate.

The challenge for many eCommerce business owners is communicating what makes their brand unique in an authentic way that their audience identifies with. As with any business, eCommerce brands must differentiate themselves from competitors — whether through price, products, service offerings, or customer experience. The difference for an online brand is that customers can easily switch to a competitor with the click of a mouse, so it’s imperative to give them a reason to stay.

Connecting with Customers Through Packaging

Jason recognized the importance that packaging plays in the overall eCommerce customer experience and was willing to go the extra mile to make an impact. Viewing the box as more than just a product shipping vessel, Jason wanted to design packaging that customers wouldn’t want to throw away.

Jason made the decision to feature his collection of fine art prints on the outside of the packaging itself, and match the artwork to the specific product being purchased. In other words, if you order a license plate holder featuring Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night, the box that your product arrives in features the identical print.

“The packaging is an extension of the product and our brand,” Jason says. “It is the first experience our customers have with the brand and therefore the first impression. First impressions mean a lot. It shows our brand’s character and what we value in our presentation.”

Partnering with a Packaging Supplier Who Could Deliver

Jason’s idea came to life through Fantastapack. Our digital printing platform allows Airstrike to order short run volumes with variable artwork, making it possible for Jason to order multiple box designs to offer his customers instead of settling for a one-size-fits-all design. To date, Jason has created dozens of unique shipper boxes with Fantastapack to complement his diverse collection of fine art products.

By recognizing the shift in consumer behavior to online purchasing, and understanding that packaging is viewed as part of the product when it comes to eCommerce sales, Jason has elevated Airstrike’s success and garnered positive feedback from his customers that directly impacts the success of his business.

“Customers need to be wowed and [packaging] is one of the best ways to do that,” Jason says. “You build brand equity from the packaging and unboxing experience. This results in more reviews, referrals and repeat business and less returns!”

What’s Next for Airstrike?

As a devoted husband, father of seven, and business owner, Jason is busy to say the least. He plans to continue growing his brand on the digital space, introducing new artwork and high-quality products to his store. To check out Airstrike and order your own beautifully crafted gifts, visit:

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